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Our Value Proposition

Value Proposition


At Coca-Cola Amatil, our ambition is to be a Regional Beverages Powerhouse, creating millions of moments of happiness and possibilities every day. This reflects our passion for our business and the optimism we apply to everything we do.

Along with creating moments of happiness and possibilities every day we are also focused on creating long term value, both for our shareholders, and for our society.

We have always committed to creating and protecting shareholder value.  But today the purpose of a company is to create value for all stakeholders, including employees, customers and society as a whole.  And our shareholders expect this of us too.

We talk about how we do this through our AMATIL VALUE PROPOSITION.  We believe our approach to sustainability and creating value for society is completely integrated and consistent with the delivery of value to shareholders.  This means that as we pursue growth, we do so through the lens of seeking positive impacts for our people, customers, partners, consumers, the environment and our community.

Our Value Drivers

Amatil Value Proposition 

Our Value Proposition is made up of five important, interconnected drivers:

  • At the heart of our Value Proposition are our thriving CUSTOMERS and our commitment to delivering quality, reliability, convenience and service to more than 630,000 customers across our six geographies. When they grow, we win.
  • Providing a safe, open, diverse and inclusive workplace where our engaged PEOPLE are energised by what we will achieve together and are proud of the difference we make.
  • Working with committed brand and business PARTNERS to grow our operations together, on a foundation of collaboration and trust.  Our mutual success depends on our ability to work together to deliver against shared goals
  • A promise to delight CONSUMERS by bottling their favourite brands and providing choice and information across an unrivalled portfolio for everyone, everywhere, every day and aiming to make a positive contribution to our communities.
  • We aim to leave a positive legacy and ensure minimal impact on the ENVIRONMENT.  This includes striving to meet our commitments on packaging, water, energy and carbon reduction.

Our performance in these areas determines our success in delivering value both to our shareholders and to our society.

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The Group Strategy is our blueprint for success. It positions us to capture growth and deliver long-term value.


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Our History

We’ve been constantly evolving, adapting to changing markets, consumer tastes and technology, for more than a century.



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