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our people

our people

We provide an open and inclusive workplace where our people are safe and feel energised and motivated.



As a team, we look out for the health, safety and wellbeing of our workmates. Training, education and awareness programs are rolled out across Coca-Cola Amatil to provide workers with the skills, capabilities and confidence to work safely at all times and to call out both safe and unsafe behaviours. By keeping health, safety and wellbeing part of our daily conversations we believe we will continue to make progress toward our aspiration of zero workplace injuries or illnesses.



For Coca-Cola Amatil, diversity encompasses gender, ethnicity, age, disability, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, socio-economic background, and education. We believe that by bringing together teams of people from different backgrounds, cultures and experiences and harnessing those differences, we build a stronger organisation and deliver stronger results.

Cold Drink Equipment Delivery, Indonesia

In our Indonesian Business a “safety-first” culture is being embedded with programs including safety inspections and driver training such as “Fit-for-purpose Vehicles” and “Fit-to-Work and Competent People.

Rainbow Tick and Pride Parade. New Zealand

Our New Zealand Business was once again accredited with the Rainbow Tick, recognizing our commitment to supporting the LGBTIQ community. We again participated in Auckland’s Pride Parade, with 50 team members coming together to learn a few dance moves and support the Coke Float (a Coke truck with a makeover).

Kids@Work, Head Office, Australia

Our Alcohol and Coffee Business introduced Kids@Work, encouraging employees in our Sydney headquarters to bring their children to work during designated weeks throughout the year.  




Coca-Cola Amatil aspires to have zero harm. We expect our leaders to lead the business safely and we expect our people to conduct daily business safely. This approach is consistent across all countries of operation.
Coca-Cola Amatil will provide opportunities designed to support worker health and wellbeing through both volunteer and non-volunteer programs that are specific to the business environment. Our goal is to have at least 50% of our employees taking part in wellbeing activities by 2020.
Routine internal and external auditing is a critical component of our safety culture at Coca-Cola Amatil. Audits are announced or unannounced and are strictly enforced by our business partners including The Coca-Cola Company.



With a strong foundation for diversity and inclusion, we continue to identify opportunities for ongoing improvement, which will include:

  • Developing an overarching Human Rights Framework aligned with the United Nations Global Compact principles.
  • Continually improving our gender specific core curriculum to accelerate progress of women in leadership roles and remove barriers to inclusion and diversity in operational roles.
  • Strengthening engagement so that employee feedback is heard on health, safety and wellbeing, and inclusion and opportunity.