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2020 Sustainability Fact Sheets
Sustainability our progress in 2020

2020 Sustainability Fact Sheets


Coca-Cola Amatil is committed to making a distinct and positive contribution to the world in which we live. This means that with each decision we seek to deliver the best outcomes for our people, consumer choice and wellbeing, the environment, and our communities, as well as our Shareholders.


We are serious about actioning meaningful change and maintaining transparency about the progress we make each year.

You can learn more about our 2020 Goals and read about our sustainability performance in detail in our 2019 combined Annual Report.

To learn about the impact we made in 2019/2020 on a range of topics and countries of operation please read below.

Learn about the progress we made towards our sustainability strategy in this range of fact sheets. Contact us if you would like to learn more.

Human Rights 2020 Fact Sheet

Respect for human rights is fundamental.

Learn about Coca-Cola Amatil’s commitment to identifying, preventing, and mitigating any adverse human rights impacts that may result from our business activities.

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Safety & Wellbeing 2020 Fact Sheet

Safety & Wellbeing will always be our overriding priority.

We strive to achieve and maintain zero-harm workplace where safety is everyone’s responsibility. Read about our performance in 2019.

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Inclusion, Diversity & Engagement 2020 Fact Sheet

Our success depends on our people.

We are committed to diversity, inclusion, the development of our team and fostering their ongoing engagement.

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Consumer Wellbeing 2020 Fact Sheet

Delighting consumers is the heart of our vision.

To fulfil our vision we are increasing choice in all product categories. This builds on our approach to responsible marketing, and our commitment to providing consumers with the information they need to decide on the right beverage for any occasion.

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Sustainable Water Management 2020 Fact Sheet

Water is precious to everyone.

We recognise our responsibility to conduct operations sustainably. This includes how we use water. Water is an important and precious resource in our operations and product mix.

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Climate Change and Carbon Reduction 2020 Fact Sheet

We’re playing our role to help reduce global temperature.

We have set targets for the use of renewable and low-carbon energy, which includes natural gas, as well as targets for reducing the emissions intensity associated with ‘the drink in your hand’.

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Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency: 2020 Fact Sheet

We are aiming to source at least 60% of our manufacturing energy needs from low and no-carbon sources by 2020.

This includes natural gas, LPG, wood, direct renewables from onsite sources and indirect renewables supplied through grid connected power purchase agreements.

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Sustainable Packaging: 2020 Fact Sheet

We are closing the loop on our packaging.

Supporting improved collection, increasing recycled content and reducing unnecessary packaging. Our strategy aligns with The Coca-Cola Company’s vision of a World Without Waste.

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Responsible Sourcing: 2020 Fact Sheet

We have valued partnerships throughout our value chain.

We have a public commitment to ensure 80 per cent of spend with suppliers is covered by responsible sourcing assessments.

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Investing In Our Communities: 2020 Fact Sheet

We seek to make a lasting contribution to the communities in which we operate.

Our 2020 goal is to allocate the equivalent of 1 per cent of earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) to community investment programs.

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Indigenous Engagement & Empowerment: 2020 Fact Sheet

We want to support development, empowerment and wellbeing.

We are committed to the wellbeing of our consumers in remote Indigenous communities and helping our customers grow their businesses sustainably in these locations.

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Caring For Our Environment: 2020 Fact Sheet

Across our six countries of operation we support programs that protect and regenerate natural systems and support biodiversity.

We aim to leave a positive legacy and caring for nature and rehabilitating the environment is a focus for our community investment and employee volunteering.

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Sustainability Performance Data: 2020 Fact Sheet

Sustainability Performance Data

View our performance data as reported in the 2019 Annual Report. The data includes environment reporting, supplier spend screened, portfolio sugar reduction, employee safety, community investment and more.

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GRI Content Index: 2020 Fact Sheet

GRI Content Index

This table outlines the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards that have been referenced in developing the 2019 Annual Report. All disclosures are from the latest available GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards as at February 2020.

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Coca-Cola Amatil 2019 Annual Report

2019 Annual Report

Download the Coca-Cola Amatil Limited Annual Report for 2019.

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Value Proposition

At Coca-Cola Amatil, our ambition is to be a Regional Beverages Powerhouse, creating millions of moments of happiness and possibilities every day. This reflects our passion for our business and the optimism we apply to everything we do.