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Diversity, Inclusion & Engagement: 2020 Fact Sheet
Diversity, inclusion and engagement

Diversity, Inclusion & Engagement: 2020 Fact Sheet


Our 2020 goal and progress

In 2020, our goal is to have at least 30 per cent of Board, senior executive and management positions held by women, and to improve the depth and breadth of representation across all functions and Businesses. By the end of 2019, 38 per cent of Board positions, 43 per cent of Senior Executive positions and 21 per cent of Management positions were held by women.1

Our commitment and approach

At Coca-Cola Amatil, our success as an organisation depends on our people. As a result, we are committed to diversity, inclusion, the development of our team and fostering their ongoing engagement.

Our Diversity & Inclusion Strategy identifies priority areas for improvement and ensures our people feel engaged, valued, and well-supported in their pursuit of both business outcomes and their professional goals.

Download the full Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement 2020 Fact Sheet [PDF 1.3 MB]

Diversity and inclusion

We recognise that a diverse and inclusive culture supports diversity of gender, ethnicity, age, disability, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, family and relationship status, socio-economic background, education, life and work experience, and ways of thinking.

We continue to make good progress on our gender diversity targets. Women now hold 38 per cent of Board and 21 per cent of management positions. The proportion of women in senior executive positions increased from 34 per cent in 2018 to 43 per cent at the end of 2019.

Download the full Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement 2020 Fact Sheet [PDF 1.3 MB]

Engagement and development of our people

Our people feel engaged and included, as evidenced by the engagement scores we achieved across the business. In 2019, our Alcohol & Coffee business across all countries, Australian Beverages and Group Office moved to a new engagement survey platform, achieving an overall score of 70 per cent. Indonesia, New Zealand, and Fiji continued to use the same survey platform as in previous years, and achieved a combined 80 per cent. Indonesia recorded a significant increase of six percentage points to 81 per cent, while Papua New Guinea and Australia experienced impressive increases of 15 and 12 percentage points respectively. New Zealand continues to produce leading engagement scores, achieving 87 per cent in 2019.

Employee development is supported across our business by programs that build leadership skills at all levels, as well as individual development and functional advancement. Our David Gonski Women Leaders program continues to build high performing, engaged female leaders and our talent succession processes ensure we have a strong pipeline of capable people to deliver our strategy for today and tomorrow. From 82 total participants since the program launched, 18 per cent have been promoted, 21 per cent have achieved expanded or new roles and 76 per cent have remained with Amatil. Other programs include the Amatil X Academy in Indonesia, the Leadership Speaker Series, Sisterhood Fiji and Change Agents in our Paradise Beverages business in Fiji.

Download the full Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement 2020 Fact Sheet [PDF 1.3 MB]

Engagement with our communities

Coca-Cola Amatil continues to support employee volunteering and fundraising, professional pro-bono services and matched workplace giving. All Australian-based employees receive one day’s paid leave a year for volunteering, and in 2019, 114 people accessed this leave. Paid leave is also provided, at the discretion of managers, for volunteering with emergency services.

Download the full Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement 2020 Fact Sheet [PDF 1.3 MB]

1 We define our senior executive as anyone reporting to the CEO or Group Leadership Team. Management positions are defined as anyone with a direct report. All figures exclude contractors and outsourcing.

2 We have introduced a new and consistent definition for 2018 using Workplace Gender Equality Agency (Australia) descriptors. This has provided our 2018 baseline of 21 per cent. A managerial position is one that has a direct report.

Infographic: 38% of Board and 43% of Senior Executive positions held by women; for 4 years in a row, Coca-Cola Amatil New Zealand has been recognised as one of New Zealand’s best employers.

More Information

SUPPORTING OUR AMATIL PARENTS Navigation Show below Hide below

Case study: Supporting our Amatil parents 

We recognise that many of our people at Amatil are parents, juggling work and family commitments. The Amatil Parents Portal supports working parents at various stages of their parental journey, from planning for parenthood and taking parental leave, through to working parents with school aged children. We also know that for working parents and carers, the school holiday period can be a challenging time. Now in its fifth year, Kids@Work is a supervised, onsite activities program for children aged 3 to 12 years, which helps Amatil parents and carers manage their work and family obligations during school holidays.

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Case study: A business our people are proud of

Coca-Cola Amatil New Zealand has been recognised as one of New Zealand’s best employers for the fourth consecutive year, after being awarded the prestigious Aon Best Employer Accreditation in 2019.

Coca-Cola Amatil New Zealand Managing Director, Chris Litchfield, is proud of the company’s achievements, including the increase in engagement from 82 per cent to 87 per cent. “We treat accolades and accreditations as a compass rather than a destination. Receiving the Aon Accreditation for the fourth year in a row doesn’t mean we can rest on our laurels, but it suggests we’re on the right track in doing what’s right by our people.”

This achievement continues Coca-Cola Amatil New Zealand’s string of third-party endorsements that reflect its commitment to employee engagement, diversity and inclusion.
In 2018, the team received the inaugural Gender Tick accreditation, which was maintained in 2019. The accreditation process includes independent validation that an organisation’s people, policies and processes promote a healthy workplace for all genders.

In 2019, the team won the prestigious gold medal in the 500+ Employees category at the HRD Employer of Choice Awards, continued its sponsorship of the Equal Pay Awards run by the YWCA, and was named as a finalist in the inaugural Rainbow Excellence Awards, which celebrates and recognises organisations that understand, value, and welcome sexual and gender diversity.

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