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Our Community

Our communities 

Investing in our Communities

We’re fortunate to operate in six countries, across diverse and engaged communities, and privileged to work across a range of community activities. These include philanthropic grants through The Coca-Cola Australia Foundation and dedicated funds contributed from sponsorship and marketing activities to support grassroots sports and community development initiatives, including in Indigenous communities. We’re also always at the ready to provide water, food and other aid to people impacted by natural disasters, and to support community resilience beyond the immediate aftermath.

In 2019, the combined value of our cash, in-kind and volunteering hours, was $5.2 million, which is the equivalent of 0.81 per cent of EBIT. This community investment covered 162 activities, across six countries, and has been verified by LBG. Of note, since its establishment in 2002, The Coca-Cola Australia Foundation has provided more than $16 million to hundreds of charities, positively impacting the lives of many young Australians. In Indonesia, our ‘Zone 1’ program, with its focus on health, infrastructure and education, supports communities living close to our bottling facilities. In New Zealand and the Pacific, we support community-focused programs, as well as larger events such as the Coca-Cola Christmas in the Park in Auckland and Christchurch, and the Coca-Cola Games for secondary school athletes in Fiji. We also sponsor many smaller grass-roots sporting and community programs across Fiji and Samoa.

Finally, we leverage our significant business investment in employment, training, ingredient supply, assets and services so that we can also provide community and social development benefits wherever possible. Notable in this area is Grinders Coffee’s over $1.95 million investment in Fairtrade community co-operatives over the past decade, and our annual $1 million investment in Australian social procurement initiatives, including Indigenous procurement.

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Our people

Our people

We provide a safe, open, diverse and inclusive workplace where our engaged people are energised by what we will achieve together and are proud of the difference we make.

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The wellbeing of our consumers – physical, mental and social – is at the heart of our vision to delight millions of consumers every day.

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Better environment


We aim to leave a positive legacy and ensure minimal impact on the environment. We work responsibly in all we do, seeking to make the right choices now, in a sustainable way, for future generations.

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